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Tasty Lemon Curd Recipe

OK, if you've never needed lemon curd before, you're probably thinking, WHY would I ever need to make lemon curd? I hear ya, let me explain.

I was planning a unique birthday cake to make (for myself!) and wanted to do something light and sweet. I decided on a lemon-raspberry whipped cheesecake! I checked out a few recipes, and one of them called for lemon curd. Call me a sucker for multi-recipe desserts, but I was intrigued. I whipped together a lemon curd and OH WOW DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN EAT LEMON CURD ON IT'S OWN? Yes. Or with whipped cream. Or ice cream. Or greek yogurt. Or whipped into a cheesecake. Y'all, this lemony treat is multi-use and I want you to try it for yourself. Recipe below.


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