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Pi Day Pie Tutorial!

Happy Pi Day! The day that Mathematicians curse Bakers for taking over.

When I was in middle school I entered a Pi-digit memorization contest because I really wanted to win a mall gift card. I memorized 200 (two hundred!) digits of Pi and was CERTAIN I would be going on a shopping spree at *Aeropostale.*

Unfortunately two other students beat me out, with the winner memorizing an astounding 500, yes FIVE HUNDRED, digits of Pi. While I didn't win, I did retain 45 digits and still pull that little party trick out today, especially when trying to impress a crush. // nerd

Anyway, in order to commemorate this glorious day of unending numbers, I've got a new pie tutorial for you. This one is all about how to use silicon molds to make your pie beautiful!

If you're looking for an easier way to braid/weave/roll your pie edging, silicon molds are your answer.


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