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My Favorite Things - Jackalope Brewing Company

This season I'm reflecting on some of my favorite things in Nashville. There are so many amazing colors, sounds, flavors, and people in this city that I would be remiss not to bring some extra attention to them, and hopefully business too!

Today I'm sharing the good news of Jackalope Brewing Company. When I first moved to Nashville, I was dating a very cool, handsome Brewmaster from North Carolina. When he came to visit me, we wanted to check out some cool spots around town together. We visited a local guitar shop (did I mention he also played amazing slide guitar? Don't worry, I've totally moved on.), and saw a brewery across the street- I was really nailing the relevant Nashville spots! BUT WAIT. Though the door opened, we were greeted with a "Sorry, we're actually closed right now."

Jackalope Brewing Company and Zolli Koffee patio

Ah, we totally understood. As the lumberjack dream guy casually mentioned his brewery and why he was in town, the Jackalope employee decided that, even though they were in the middle of cleaning one of those big silver hops machines, we needed a tour of the spot, and heck, why not throw in a tasting too! It was the coolest thing- and even more so because it made the visit so unique. They could have turned us away like the street urchins we were.

Our relationship didn't last forever, but my love for Jackalope has. Since then, I've played my first real Nashville gig in their taproom (RIP "Taylor & Tucker" the band), practiced downward dog during their yoga series in the brewery, and shared countless laughs and delicious sips out on their patio. Oh, and let's not forget about the convenient coffee shop connected to the tap room, where I've definitely stopped in for a post 10 mile run chocolate milk (and, Lord, was that not the most delicious chocolate milk I've ever tasted.)

It's experiences like these that remind me just how important human connection is- the 20 minutes it took for that one Jackalope employee to give us a quick tour and tasting forever solidified Jackalope as one of my favorite breweries, full stop. Not to mention that their beer is really freaking good- and OH YEAH, JACKALOPE WAS FOUNDED BY TWO WOMEN. For those not familiar with the brewing world, it's a male dominated industry. Which makes their success that much sweeter.

I'll take any chance I can get to support this amazing spot, which is why I wanted to include it in "My Favorite Things" series. Jackalope was super cool and donated their Snowman Mocha Stout seasonal beer (thanks, Kristen), and I added a couple of their beer glasses for one lucky winner. I announce that winner today on my Instagram!

Whether you live here in Nashville or will be visiting someday, be sure to stop in for a drink. I promise you won't regret it.


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