Flying Witch Cookie Cones

Halloween is such a fun time because the creative opportunities are endless! You can get creative with decor, costumes, make-up, and treats!

I've had a fun time coming up with different ideas to make for my friends and coworkers. These Flying Witch Cookie Cones took a little imagining, but when they're all put together, you can just see the witch flying away!

I used Pretty Simple Sweet's recipe for the best Fudgy Chocolate Cookies as both my base for the witch's hat, as well as the filler inside the hat. Seriously, the recipe is so good- I ended up eating some of the base cookies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Once the cookies and cones were baked, the rest was pretty easy! I recently picked up some neon food coloring from Kroger, and that worked great for the witch hair. Using Wilton tip 233 (grass tip), I covered the cookies from top to bottom with a little hanging over the edge. Then, I used Wilton Sparkle Gel to outline the hat band, and put the hat on the cookie. I finished with a candy corn M & M, though I would use Reese's Pieces next time.

They turned out delicious! The best part was finding more cookie hidden in the cone. Doing this again, I would probably try something like this to bake the cones in:

I'd love to see your take on the Flying Witch Cookie Cones! What's your favorite Halloween treat to make? Let me know in the comments!

#cookie #baking #Halloween #festive #halloween

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