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Stairwell to the Stage: A Cappella in Today's Workplace

They say college is about finding yourself. I found my calling with The Touchtones, an all female a cappella group that I would spend most of my time with over those four sweet years.

Flash forward to my adult life in my adult job at my adult office space. Lyft had just put down roots in Nashville for a Customer Experience Center. I was fortunate enough to be in the first few classes to get hired, and knew there was so much potential to build out our office culture. When I started working at Lyft, I was inspired to create fearlessly and to be myself.

One of my initiatives was to get an a cappella group started. We began singing in stairwells, lobbies, and unused rooms. Our group has gained and lost members over the last 10 months, but we have finally found traction as a group of solid singers that sound great together. Meet, Lyftappella.

This month, Lyft Nashville had a grand opening ceremony, and Lyftappella had the honor to perform for our CEO's, John & Logan, as well as Mayor Megan Barry, and Governor Haslam.

I'm still on the lookout for a full length video, but in the meantime, enjoy this snippet of our performance! We look forward to many more fun gigs.

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